A Piedi Nudi

Choreography: Giorgia Maddamma

Artistic assistance: Sara Bizzoca

Technical assistance: Maria Raucci

Dancers: Roberta De Rosa, Martina Fasano, Katia Marocco, Barbara Mormone, Camilla Rega, Elisabetta Violante

Direzione artistica: Annamaria Di Maio

Inspired by Dacia Maraini’s book “S. Chiara d’Assisi. Elogio della disobbedienza” (Saint Claire of Assisi. Praise of disobedience).

«I am interested in the imprisoned body, in the convent as a place of obedience, but also of true freedom».

This is the starting point of Dacia Maraini’s journey through the history of Saint Claire, who was Saint Francis of Assisi’s faith companion, as well as the founder of the Order of Poor Clares.

Life imprisonment is a free choice for Claire.

This young woman gains her own freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of spirit, freedom to build a new life. She does that in the very heart of the Middle Ages, where the social environment was undoubtedly harsh and a strong desire for renewal lingered all over.

Claire’s thinking goes beyond religion and gets straight to the present days where it proves to be both extremely current and needed in the contemporary historic context.

The great rigour and sacrifice with which Claire pursued her own choice become perfect examples of consistency today. Consistency in trying to meet your own needs; consistency in stating your own ideas; consistency in achieving your deep quest for mysticism. 



Mezzo Nero, Rosso Mezzo - Primo Studio

Choreography: Fernando Suels Mendoza

Music: Andreas Eisenschneider Artistic Assistance: Maria Raucci

Dancers: Luigi D’Aiello, Roberta De Rosa, Martina Fasano, Katia Marocco, Barbara Mormone, Camilla Rega, Elisabetta Violante,

Special thanks to Dilara Adim for the Bollywood moments.


Mezzo Nero, Rosso Mezzo is a celebration...

A celebration of the encounter between two soulmates; between two halves making a whole, two arcs creating a circle.

The circle symbolises eternity and absoluteness, having neither beginning nor end. The circle closes upon itself, with its rhythm and its eternal motion. It is the most natural of forms and a symbol of connection and protection.

Mezzo Nero, Rosso Mezzo, through its seven dancers, its transparent elements and its non-narrative form, discloses what we might not see with the naked eye…