ARB Dance Company Curriculum

In July 2009, ARB Dance Company was founded as a place where technical and human experiences can actually meet. The company gives young choreographers the opportunity to experiment with their creativity, while offering young dancers the chance to grow.     

ARB Dance Company is carefully supervised by a team of professionals coming from the world of Theater, as well as the cultural environment. These highly valuable personalities have got the task to design and create high-level multidisciplinary projects to be performed into the professional dance world. ARB Dance Company became a landmark for Campania’s dancers who want to take the road that leads to professionalism.



-"A piedi Nudi" premiers on March 13th in Naples at the “Teatro Nuovo”. The production is designed by Giorgia Maddamma.

-"Mezzo Nero, Rosso Mezzo" premiers on March 13th in Naples at the “Teatro Nuovo”. The production is designed by Fernando Suels Mendoza



-“Attimo” had several re-runs in Naples and Caserta and it participated in the “Universal Forum of Cultures” in the section called “La contaminazione felice” (The happy contamination).

-“Precariato”, re-runs in Nocera, Caserta, Faenza and Bergamo, during the “Danza Estate 2014” Festival.

-ARB is invited to perform in several episodes during the 2014/2015 season of the show “Alle falde del Kilimangiaro” broadcast by RAI 3, one of the major Italian Television Channels.



-“Attimo”, premiers on April 12th in Naples at the “Sala Assoli”. The production is designed by Giorgia Maddamma, winner of the “Best Italian Talent” award in Rome (2013). She also came in third position at the choreographic competition “Danz’è”, hosted by the “East/West” Festival in Rovereto.

-“Le Sacre du Printemps” by Ismael Ivo, with re-runs in Avellino and Piana di Sorrento.

-“Mishima” by Ismael Ivo, premiers on June 15th at Pietrarsa Museum, in co-production with Napoli Teatro Festival. It was also performed during the “Ravello Festival” on June 21st.



- “Precariato”, choreographies by Emanuele Sciannamea and Stefano Mazzotta. After its debut in March, the show had several re-runs in Campania, and it was also performed in Florence, during the “Fabbrica Europa” festival; in Turin at the “Cavallerizza Reale” and at the “Vignale Danza” festival.



-ARB is selected to take part in “APERTIS VERBIS”, the illuminated night tour at Caserta’s Royal Palace, directed by Casimiro Lieto.

-“La Settima Stanza”, choreographies by Arturo Cannistrà. The show is awarded with a special mention in Rovereto, during the “East / West” festival.

-“B_Dark”, inspired by the life of the Bourbons, debuts in Rome with choreographies by Arturo Cannistrà.



- “THALASSA (Mare tra le terre)”, choreographies by Arturo Cannistrà and Daniela Porciello.

This production premiered on January 28th in Caserta, during the dance festival organized by CDTM. Having been greatly acclaimed by both the public and the critics, the show ran several performances inside and outside the region of Campania. In fact, the show took part in the dance fair “Che danza vuoi?”, at “Teatro Greco” in Rome; then, it has been selected to participate in the “Danzaria” Gala at “Teatro Mediterraneo” (Naples) during the “Villaggio della Danza” fair; finally, it was performed in Ravenna, in Rimini, and in Florence, during the festival “Danza in fiera” (2011), where it was awarded with the first prize.


The managing and artistic director of ARB is Annamaria Di Maio.